1. In addition, HOW the tea is consumed varies from country to country.
    In Japan and eastern China, tea is mostly consumed straight up with no cream and sugar.
    In western China, India, and the UK, tea is consumed with cream and sugar.
    In the US, a lot of tea is consumed in bottles loaded with sugar, such as Arizona or Snapple's.

  2. its good to stay realistic and demystify some assumptions about tea and health benefits. I am still a japanese green tea drinker and like the taste and the effect. Thanks for the informative video!

  3. After drinking tea since I got married, it increases my SEX DRIVE. Tea is the cause of me having 4 kids in the family. Now I need to budget my salary for my 4 growing up kids. Even until now my WIFE always make sure I have enough TEA to drink 3 times a day. You know what she exactly wants not tea but ______________.

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