1. Your ribs stayed dry after cooking. Mine get all wet and wash off all the dry rub. Just tastes like steamed ribs. Maybe that pre saute warm up does something magical?

  2. I cooked my ribs in the Instant Pot and they turned out just fine and I am going to cook some more in the Instant Pot as the ribs was so delicious and the sauce I used was from Schwan's Home Delivery Service and it is just right also and I will be using more of it to put on my ribs.

  3. Thanks for showing the simple steps in your videos. Helped me greatly when first doing my meats. Please do an Insta pot cook book with your practical recipes. The other recipe books are unnecessarily exotic for home cooked meals. Thanks.

  4. Good video. All others I've seen can barely pull the ribs out of the pot without it falling apart. I was looking specifically for a cooking time that results in "fall off the bone" with ease, but only when you intentionally pull it off the bone. Most other instapot rib videos are basically how to make pulled pork with a rack of ribs!

  5. I purchased another charcoal grill last summer after having a gas griller which I gave to the Church – it was too big for me! I bought the charcoal grill just to do ribs! If only I waited! Reading the user comments and seeing how easy you make it, I can't wait to make ribs! I just purchased an Instant Pot a few days ago…never did anything other than reading directions.

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