Indoor marijuana plants day 24 of flower. Nitrogen Toxicity. A Dab, A bong and a joint.

We look at the Indoor marijuana garden this week on day 24 of flower. Buds are developing nicely. We back off the Cal-mag due to too much Nitrogen in the …


  1. Hey man its me again, How do I fix a Nitrogen toxicity… its my first time and I believe that I have a huge problem on my hands. my leaves are curling up and sunburning ( they're clawing). I spoke to a friend and he told me to completely cut off the N fertilizers during flowering and just keep the K going in. So im going to use a 0-0-22 solution over the next weeks. Also, I was just wondering. Your buds seem huge at day 24. Does it eventually boom? My buds are kinda small (Outdoor growing). However they're at day 17th and they are suffering from a nitrogen toxicity and Potassium Deficiency (wich ill fix)

  2. I know I've said it already but I can't say it enough, thank you buddy!! and my friend @Kee Stoned!! and my new friends at @99glassguys!! for your Generous Giveaway. I'm very grateful and psyched to have such an elaborate piece(s) and Beautiful Art Work for my first ever rig and on your first giveaway makes it that much more…!! And I hope you know it will always hold a special place here on charly's farm420!! THANK YOU!!
    Your garden is looking beautiful, nitrotox happens to one of my plants always! I run a perpetual so I consistently have 1 or 2 that have varying degrees of it! @Smokey Lott hit it in the head, there are varying degrees of every challenge farmers face. you had a little nitrotox last run as well if I remember correctly, but like last run, it shouldn't hinder your final too much. last run was a home run, can't wait to see these girls BULK Up!! talk soon my friend, and Always Be Good To Yourself! GL Peace

  3. Interesting, mine are getting plenty of light outdoor and doing the same thing? Different from strain to strain to nothing and looking great ? Any suggestions ? Thanks in advance. Aloha

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