This Channel✅ Posts EVERY SUNDAY! Todays video is about the flowering stage and how to prepare for it. Indoor grow guide, using organic nutrients and led …


  1. It’s just ritualistic that your videos are played on loop each evening during either smoking sesh or rosin pressing, the masters of growing could learn from you dude

  2. I think your 1 of the best on YouTube you seem truly to be a cool guy I enjoy just watching your videos I'm learning now so when I move its ez wit your help thx bro for the great vid's

  3. How do you achieve buying the utensils?
    We have 1 hydro shop in Auckland NZ and if you buy anything from them (lights fans, coco nutrients) then they take your buyer details down and forward security tapes to the nz police because they have some mandatory deal with the police. My friend bought a 150 w led light for his 1 plant grow setup in his cupboard, 2 weeks later he’d cloned his plant with about 4 snippings from mother plant.

    Long story short, police showed up at his house with a receipt and surveillance footage asking where his grow op was, he immediately hired a lawyer and refused to let them search, unfortunately the police barged him over and searched anyway without a warrant.

    The police explained if he wanted to grow weed he should t have shopped at the only hydroponic store in NZ.

    My next question would be, what if this was a person legit growing tomato’s or carrotsbut happened to like growing hydro style. Would they really just kick down the door if anyone just smfor shopping there? Corrupt as it gets here man. The police bow down to gangs, the gangs are in politics here, were run by thievery in New Zealand but we have such a squeaky clean image in the media.

    When people think of nz they think beautiful place to live I reality it’s the scum of the earth, don’t believe the story’s that may make you want to travel here, stay away.

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