ILGM What Did We Get? (I Love Growing

Hey growmies, what did ILGM get us, I mean they sent us seeds from my favorite strains, I’m talking top shelf genetics as always. I love growing is …


  1. Have you ordered from them again in the last 2 months? I've been debating on going through them but I've been hearing alot about payments not going through or shipments having yet to be sent through months later after purchase

  2. What is the best way to pay when buying seeds online? I want to order, but want to be discreet. Any advice would help a lot for new growers. Love your videos man, just subbed up.

  3. bro how are they right now with shipping i wanna get some autos but im afraid it wont ever get into the usa because the covid shit i see you have contacts with them can you possibly get my question answered

  4. What up Skunk Bud?😷. Loving the video. Hell I'm jonesing for some Chemdawg now.(one of my favorites). I've GOTTA try the Gelato. Maybe you can have some of those beans if you do your Kushlife genetics again. Thanks brother.

  5. I'll rock the Gelato since you're so unsure. The infused icecream shop in CO is on my bucket list. I've seen a great 420 vid tour of a shop there!
    Thanks for this Sunday vid, great ILGM swag! ✌💚🌱❄🔥🔥

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