Hybrid 5mg capsules Vidacann compared to Liberty Health Sciences Florida Medical Marijuana Reviews

This video breaks down the Hybrid dominant capsules and price point between Liberty Health Sciences and Vidacann, video is only of the Vidacann capsules …


  1. I got the 10mg 30pack from VidaCann. Yes they are a little pricey at $40, but the effects are worth it to me. I take 2-3 capsules per day of the INDICA and it really eases my anxiety and makes my whole body and mind feel good for 4-6 hours. Take them with a fatty meal and about 40min later the effects hit me. I like this product a lot!

  2. Thinking about picking up some capsules on Friday…how do you like them? The effects? Long lasting? How many MG do you take for a nice medicated feeling? I’m quite a heavy smoker. I live in Pensacola too. I was gonna. Check out LHS capsules since their cheaper .

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