1. Hopefully you see this and can maybe give me some advice… Im looking to test out CBD to aid mouth ulcers that i struggle with what are your thoughts?

  2. Your out of the 3 pack. Is there a rain check to get the special price? Also on your single cartridge except one flavor. I'am a new subscribe too and this was disappointing. I wanted to give this a try. Can you intervene? Thanks

  3. *** HELP*****What is the best cbd vape oil for me tried the 500 mg citrus from Alternate Vape didnt feel relaxed just felt the same is it the way im inhaling or do i need something stronger

  4. is it possible to add/mix 2 different vape oils together, a full-spectrum CBD vape oil (1500mg) to a high mg isolate (4000mg) vape oil??
    Is there a way of making my high mg isolate vape into a full-spectrum cbd vape oil without mixing the 2??

  5. I put CBD oil in a bottle of water, shook it up, and drank it. It takes longer to take effect but I did feel a lot less anxiety an hour later. I usually feel a lot of anxiety shopping in Walmart for some reason. The CBD helped.

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