Today, Co-Founder Shayda show’s you how to smoke a joint! For novice users, this can seem very daunting and unfamiliar so we wanted to show just how easy …


  1. So I love smoking but getting high kills my day and cigarettes will kill me eventually. Is CBD a good substitute as in I won’t get high? I’ve considered vaping but I don’t care much to play into the stereotype of being a hippie asswhole with a Subaru.

  2. is there such thing as over dosing on cbd
    joints work is sttressfull imma need to smoke abou 10 a day cause im always stressed cause work and stuff u might think im crazy

  3. This is a great video. The one thing I’d mention is that your mouth can get a big dry. This can be a big plus if you find it difficult to drink enough water. If you DONT want to drink a lot of water (I can’t imagine why, this is kind of one of the bonuses of weed) have small mints on hand. You may not even need to finish them. A small lemon drop will work too. I would not recommend a large lozenge because if you’re smoking something with the you may forget it’s in your mouth which would be bad, so just like a tic tac-you could even crush it but your mouth won’t feel dry. In days of COVID we don’t want to wake up with a dry cough, maybe it’s also not great to pass a joint so just bring some for friends or carefully cut in half.

    ‘Just say’n.

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