How to publicize hemp oil cancer cure

Joe Friendly and Paula Gloria have a discussion after talking to Christian Laurette, producer of “Run from the Cure” about the best ways to wake up the world …


  1. A friend recommended this to me, I have severe Crohn's disease & take chemo & nauseas alot. Where can I find some, guess I could make it too? I really wish they would legalize it here in Indiana!! The public needs to realize marijuana isn't a bad thing, like they've portrayed it in the past, for all of us that are truly sick it really helps! Please help me get started-Peace

    Correct you didn't say "We hypothesized that CB receptors were lost in insects" hence if one would have carefully followed the asterick. They would have noticed the PMID: 11447587 quote originates from Doctors: McPartland , DiMarzo, De Petrocellis, Mercer and Glass. The sole purpose for inserting the asterick was to strengthen your comment about cannabinoids not being in insects, I assume you didn't see* that!
    *"The Retina is loaded with Canabinoid Receptors" ~ Dr. Melamede

  3. What I don't understand is that Dr. Mechoulam has researched Cannabinoids for about 50 years. But prefers to focus his massive amount of knowledge on synthetic Cannabinoids. While Dr. Melamede is very out spoken concerning the relationship between Cannabinoids & Cancer. While some guy from Canada called Rick Simpson invented a Cancer cure after first learning about it in 1975 on CKDH radio! Maybe originating from the Journal of the National Cancer Institute article in Sept. 1975. PMID: 1159836

  4. @paulagloria & animals, the unknown creator was very busy
    -"Endocannabinoids in mammals is an evolutionarily ancient phenomenon that may date back to the unicellular common ancestor of animals & plants." (PMID: 16596778)
    -"Cannabinoids are in every living animal on the planet above Hydra & Mollusks with the exception of insects*"
    Dr. Melamede
    *We hypothesized that CB receptors were lost in insects. (PMID: 11447587)

  5. I believe it may be more accurate to say that growers brought cannabis to Rick to have medicine made, and then some of these humans gave some tubes back to Rick to give to patients. I don't think they gave enough as individuals for a cancer cure for even one patient, but it would be good if humans who grow to provide some of this miracle medicine to those around them who need it. Do not wait for leaders… do it alone, person to person.

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