How to Make Simple Potent Cannaoil

YOU CAN’T USE THIS FOR VAPING!!! for edibles use only! Boiling water is 212 degrees Fahrenheit and FULLY decarboxylates the cannabis! Please, DO NOT …


  1. My buddy just gave me 5g of some top shelf bud, not sure what strain, and I wanted to make some cannaoil with it since I don't really smoke anymore. My tolerance for weed is very low ATM, a 5g edible gummy bear puts me in a good mood. Do you think 1/2 cup olive oil will be a good amount to use or should I go with the scaled down version of your recipe to 1/3 cup?

  2. Better wirh extra virgin olive oil its a more cleanier cooking oil in fact you can infuse this with any cooking oil, coconut etc…been making this for yers…gets you fucked up

  3. Hi! thank you for sharing. I have a question probably stupid question. What kind of oil I can use? I have a 7g approximately, so I can use Canola Oil or that's a matter what kind of oil use?
    Sorry my English is not good.

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