How to make feminized seeds part 6,male side of cannabis plant already releasing polen.#tnb .21+only

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  1. Just wanted to say thx for the Jamaican glue seeds I received from provision garden supply best store around could you give me some tips on the strain and what I could run into good or bad and if you did this male conversion to an auto would you get feminized auto plants

  2. I would love if a pro breeder can help answer this. I have been growing for years never got into the breeding part, last year I did something different and all my girls started producing bananas and all the bud was still good and smokable. Here is what I did differently first off it's outdoor, I started making my own simple spray one for bugs and one for growth. Both I make just like a tea a pot of boiling water and the plants I use. I let the water cool then strain it and I'm good to spray my plants. I use a plant called horsetail for the bug spray and stinging nettle for growth. Here is the thing about stinging nettle, if I look at chemical products on the market for the vegetative state stinging nettle has all the same active compounds and so much more. and the same for a product in the flowering state. So I'm thinking the nettle helped produce the bananas that and I hear something about how aspirin can be used and if that's true stinging nettle is the base root of aspirin.

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