How To Make Cannabis Oil

This is a step by step video on how to make full-extract cannabis oil with food grade alcohol. This is the process used to produce Mykayla’s oil as shown by Mike …


  1. serina after you render the oil down by boiling off the alcohol you're left with a thick oil. then you suck oil up into oral syringe and keeps for a long time. then I put a grain of rice worth of the oil in a gel cap. right before bed is best. it's magic,

  2. I'm following, I have viewed many times and have all things needed to start to finish. My question is, when you fill syringes? What you do and how is it removed from syringe? It is hard, correct? If this is integral i am unable to start until defined. Thank you.

  3. at 180 degrees  thc the active chemical leave  or becomes air born , so you are actually loosing  the active ingredient is  leaving . and heres a goofy thing as well this method also grabs the chloroform, making it green  that watery  crap is  low grade garbage , the stuff my friends make is clear a slight yellow creamy color  NOT GREEN GARBAGE

  4. Hey, I am planning to make some oil seeing your process. What I am confused about is which Isopropyl Alcohol I should use. What is available to me is ( contents of the alcohol jar, this is what is says) 
    Minimum assay (by GC)   99%
    Wt. per ml at 20 degrees C     0.783- 0.786 g
    Maximum limits of impurities
    Non Volatile Matter    0.01%
    Acidity            0.05ml  N/1%
    Aldehydes and Ketones
    (as C3 H6 O)         0.05%
    Water           0.1%
    Is this safe to use for extraction of Oils?

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    This is an old-school / old-man method of making oil.  You NEVER want to boil alcohol and trim together as this will break down unwanted plant material and leave you with a low quality product.  

    You want to quickly rinse the leaf material in the alcohol , run this liquid through a strainer , pour that through a coffee filter , and then pour that liquid into a pyrex dish and double boil.  The 3 hour boiling time is supposed to be that long because you are essentially purging the oil that is left of any alcohol.  You always want to purge for a few hours even after all the alcohol seems to be gone.  You also NEVER want to use plastic (like this guy) when you are boiling as the plastic will leech chemicals into the product.  This video should be taken down by the author as it is outdated , unhealthy, incorrect, and dangerous.

  7. Basic idea is ok,but the 1st part where you cover the pot with plastic an condense the alcohol is a very dangerous an bad idea.Hot alcohol an plastic do not go together.
    Visit some Shine making sites an mention plastic in a still an you will get a lot of very negative feedback from ppl who don't like making poisonous stuff .This is like using lead solder in a still -DO NOT DO IT.

  8. if you evaporate the alcohol in the large pot with the cooled top, you can put a measuring cup inside and save the alcohol for you next batch. Use the deep fryer just at the end to concentrate the oil.

  9. Brandon Krenzler have you had this oil tested? I understand that solvent residue is of little concern as you are using food grade alcohol and residue (even if using Iso) would be so minimal that it would not be harmful. But decarboxylation is unlikely to be complete from this method.
    The fact that no additional cooking is applied and that the oil is still bubbling as you pour it into sealed containers suggests to me that decarb would only be partial at best from this method. Unless you decarb the cannabis prior or cook this oil more at a later point (which is not mentioned in the video) then decarb would likely be partial at best.
    Decarboxylation is an important part of the process and many people are either unaware of it or misinformed about how to achieve it (many assuming that the heat from boiling off the solvent is sufficient).
    Have you ever had oil made this way tested to see how much decarboxylation has been achieved?

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