HOW TO: Juul CBD or THC Concentrate/Distillate

This Florida medical cannabis video tutorial is for ADULTS only & it is for informational, money-saving purposes. Hey guys! A lot of people have asked me about …


  1. If you wanna vape you should definitely get a box mod with 0nic juice because you will become soooo addicted to juuls they have the same amount of nic in one pod as a whole pack of cigs

  2. I live in jax as well and I really need to get my medical card my bck kills me all the time and the pain is horrible and ive been to a doctor and im surprised they never suggested it before

  3. I was told today that they’re is oil in the syringes . That is very bad for your lungs from what I’ve heard. I vape on the regular I quit smoking last year so I’ve been at this a minute but the medical marijuana is all new to me I just know that my eliquid does not have any oils in it

  4. Hey ellie k. sent you an email regarding this and another method I personally use. Let me know if you got it! I don't know how to send a message on here anymore?? From a member of the Florida Medical Marijuana Community! (904) LOL

  5. is this legal to have on you if you were in ur car or something and got pulled over. I thought both the battery and cart had to be from a dispensary? or would this just be for home use

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