How To Identify and Eradicate A Male Cannabis Plant

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  2. so then regular weed is just a female plant that got pollinated by the male plant? That's why regular weed has seeds in it? also what's the earliest you can tell if you have a male plant? and can you move a male plant away from the females and still get buds on the male or is it useless?

  3. I gotta say man, a male plant like that, obviously good genes… too bad you didn't have a small room to flower it out and harvest some pollen… was painful watching you hack up that stalk. 😞

  4. nice vid Remo. that thing was almost a real tree 😛 the plant isnt garbage though. i know your all about the medicine, so juice that dudes leaves! send em through a juicer with a few of your other favorite fruits, vegies and greens. get all that juice and feed your endocannabinoid system 😀

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