How to hide marijuana in your car and how to beat k9 units

Marijuana prohibition is pointless and information is powerful. Don’t be careless when a little time and energy can save you from becoming another meaningless …


  1. Back when I wore skinny jeans I would keep up to quarter wrapped up around my cock and balls. The jeans were skin tight and no amount of searching (save for a strip search) would find it. Also I recommend people hiding up underneath their car however if you do so you must consider that letting them search your car they will not find it but refusing a search will risk a K9 search. The bottomline is this: Avoid the people that tell you're being paranoid like the plague. Dont do suicide runs or have a suicide stash. Always hide that shit. Deny everything. Admit nothing. Make counter accusations.

  2. It’s not that weed should be illegal, it’s not healthy to consume. That doesn’t mean it’s unhealthy mind you, although there are varying opinions. Bottom line: don’t drink alcohol and don’t smoke anything if you want to live longer.

  3. Boy was it hot outside today, I went out to buy a California kitchen signature pepperoni frozen flat bread and by the time I got home it was perfectly cooked and entirely eaten 100% true

  4. Kemmon man. You just got super lucky. You basically made your point about how dogs figure out substances and then went around and disproved your method. Yes, Barry has ALOT of cool stuff and really good and correct information! That said….. He's even wrong on something's. Mainly how plastics fail and how dogs are able to smell threw after X/hours-Days etc. My guy, Barry even tells you specifically to NOT place in the trunk and to NOT place in a purse/overnight-bag. Great video. You don't want people to end up in jail/prison or to get caught up in general and your trying to help people which is AWESOME to do, just make sure it's the RIGHT thing/info lol. I know you had best intentions tho!

    With ALL Respect to the Creator,
    Please Nobody- try this.

  5. It smells absolutely fucking repulsive. I'm so happy I don't live with a stoner/smoker anymore. You could just not smoke at all instead; increase your energy and stamina for hiking and get high on nature an life instead. Sounds better than sitting on your ass and getting stoned. Get stronger mentally and physically.

  6. Bro, you can't trust police for shit. I had a friend that didn't have anything in her, and the cop didn't believe it, so they sent the dog to sniff the car. The dog just kept walking, didn't sit quietly implying something was in the car, didn't act in any manner at all other than just kept in walking around the vehicle. Then the cop whispered in the dogs ear, and almost immediately afterwards, the dog when to a certain spot and sat there implying something was there, which gave the probable cause to search the car. Once they did, they found nothing, because my friend had nothing. That just goes to prove that cops are shady, and can find a way to search your car even if you don't have anything on you. You're just lucky you had a cop that wasn't that shady. But most of them are.

  7. Dogs cannot smell through vehicles otherwise everytime your neighbors cook food they would go nuts, key thing is dont touch anything after you touched the marijuana cuz the oil on it gets on your hands then you touch your car the oil is on your car thats what the dog smells

  8. does it work if u put it in a small jar , then put the smaller jar in a bigger jar , put the big jar with the small jar , in a plastic bag , wrapped arround with clothes and towels in a bag ? and just a bit of perfume in the jar , arround the clothes , towels and the backpack? will this hide the smell or not? xd

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