How to Grow Weed from Seed Part 12 Frost can be your Friend Before & After Video in an Outdoor Grow

It’s getting colder heading to the finish line, the days shorter, the nights longer. M.C. passes on an old school tip including Before and After video of the effects a …


  1. Been enjoying watching your progress! No frost around my area yet, still way too hot. Hoping to get a little frost to fatten them up but outlook is bleak. You remind me of Ninja from Die Antwoord. Happy growing brother!

  2. We're really getting slammed with this early cold. Your ladies are looking real nice there. Over here in suburban Ottawa, I've been covering 3 of mine with plastic and leaving one out as a test, and am inclined to agree that the cold isn't causing me any troubles. Do you have any guidance as to how many frosts they can take before it's too much?

  3. What do you think about this relatively early in flower? I"m in southern Quebec and I'm nowhere near you, I got my first signs of flower around the 2nd or 3rd week of August. Wonder if I'll make it.

  4. Hey man. I am in Southern Ontario. I got an 8 footer that looks like your bulky one and a 4 footer thats like one giant Kola. Looks like a friggin giant Louisville Slugger lol. Anyways shes gettin down to 1C tonight and I was freaking out…Do you still water em like normal?

  5. Love the videos! Every day is so much joy checkin on the outdoor plants, Everything's starting to purple on the gorilla glue, smells like a gas processing plant 🙂 Keep up the great videos, looking forward to harvest videos!

  6. Here in Trenton Ontario we are getting frost tonight I freaked out and panicked. Came across your video and hope it doesn't kill them. Thanks pirate👍

  7. Can't even begin to tell you the anxiety that melted away after watching this video. First time grower here in michigan with a monster in the soil outside. I was so worried a little frost was the end of the road for me. Now I'm looking forward to it lol.

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