How to Germinate Cannabis Seeds: A Step-By-Step Guide For Cannabis Growers

How to germinate cannabis seeds A step-by-step guide for cannabis growers, by Percys Grow Room. Learn how to germinate cannabis seeds with our …


  1. I have a question so I put the root in dirt and espoused to root for a couple days before I flipped the plant and properly planted it in the dirt the end of that root got dried out should I cut the top of root or leave it alone?

  2. I'll save you time, get a paper towel moisten it and fold, put seeds in between folded layers of paper towel, let sit in a cool dark place for 1-2 days keeping paper towel moist ( not wet standing water will drown seeds). By the 2 dayark you should have a white sprout, let that sit in the moist paper towel until it is 1inch in length. Then plant.

  3. Great video. I use 1 1/2 tsp of hydrogen peroxide to a cup of water for soaking seeds and wetting tissue. This will kill any fungus or bacteria that might infect or kill your newly sprouted seeds. Also sterilize everything used for this process. I learned my lesson the hard way to the tune of $300 in seeds.

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