How to Feed Flowering Cannabis Plants

Hey! We are back with a video many have been requesting. In this video we will cover our specific way of feeding cannabis plants in flower. Many ways to skin a …


  1. This is very great information. What I'm using on a budget is bananas 🍌, sugar, table syrup. Eggs, fish all grinded up in my blender,then ill take that and add some compost ,let sit for about a week fermenting, of course when then that time I will occasionally mix my compost tea.then its ready to feed after I have diluted it. I have one of my plants in a 10 ten gallon bucket and its been topped at the fith nome.. and uts over 7 feet tall budding every where

  2. HEY IF YOU SEE THIS WIL YOU RESPOND: at the end you said the bubblers go in the brew what are those and what are they used for where do i get thekm in themidle of flowering so its kind of something i have to do immedietly. anyone else know

  3. Scott, we fukin love you.
    But you seem so intimidated when you get in front of that lense and thats why i watch. But just as a little pro tip for lecturing, pretend like your talking on the phone about your subject to your mom. It really helps you smoothe your presentation as well as makes you visually sell as super confident.

  4. what is the flush for this kind of feeding? or do you just harvest without a flush? and do you re-use the soil or throw away? i have just started my own little experiment to see if i can grow but at the moment i am very inexperianced so trying out differant things. many thanks x

  5. Listen I had a 500 gal tank 40 plants 50 pounds of raw seaweed…kelp rehydrated 50 pounds of old bananas I would mix all three together 2 commercial bubbles and I ended with150 pds my plants rely luved it they fn luved it.i spend 210 on my grow….one thing I noticed do not use sulphered molases..use unsulphered molases..olso when feeding molasses yes u will get sticky and trichones like will def slow down density of buds guaranter

  6. I just dug up some swamp mud and I haven't feed them anything. I'm just letting the lower leaves yellow, which is a sign of nutrient defiencie…… but it is ok for flower to draw nutrients from fan leaves.

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