How to deep clean your Instant Pot (and get the smell out of your sealing ring)

If you use your Instant Pot as much as I do it can get a little messy. Today I’m sharing how to deep clean your Instant Pot. Plus I will share with you how to get rid …


  1. It is amazing to me how clean the inside of your instant pot is. I don't mean the stainless steel insert bowl, I am talking about the burner in the bottom! My burner is all stained up & has food items that have burned into the burner rings. I have no clue how to clean that burner. I have tried with NO results. My I. P. can't be the only Pot stained like this. This has gotten stained through no fault of anything I have done, it has just gotten that way after using the I. P. as much as I do! It is not from having the pot too full, I am very careful not to do that. I have no idea how the stains have gotten there. Any suggestions for cleaning these stains off?

  2. Super help ful! I spilled food on the interior of the pot, and no matter how much I wipe it down it still smells burnt/smokey when I turn it on! Anyway to see if I can it apart and really clean it ?

  3. I've been making this for my Labrador and she is doing better with her food sensitivies. My mother has an older IP without the yogurt button, can she make it with that one?

  4. Thanks for this tip! So I did an Instant Pot no no and forgot to clean the sealing ring after the meal. It was really late at night and I made lamb ribs in it. LAMB! You can imagine how that that ring smelled the next day. So nasty. After trying this tip I can now smell lemon, vinegar, and a hint of lamb still. However, it is considerably a lot less strong of a lamb smell. I hope this lamb smell will leave if I repeat this process a few times. Thanks a bunch and I have now subscribed.

  5. I've been washing the ring with soap and water after each use, and then it gets popped into the dishwasher. You really have to do some major, deep sniffing to catch any hint of odor after the dishwasher wash.

  6. Another tip is to clean the cracks around the lid and at the bottom of the outside pot is to get a small foam paint brush, spray with vinegar and wipe those tiny areas. Then I spray the rings with pure lemon and let it soak for 30 min

  7. Great cleaning trick with the butter knife! Thx. Glad you told us about the top ring retaining scents. Have had that problem. I have been using baking soda but some scent lingers.

  8. How about boiling a few cups of water, a bit of lemon juice, and some whole cloves under pressure? That not only will help deodorize the pot but the cloves would also help sanitize it.

  9. If you spray vinegar onto the inner surface, and then sprinkle baking soda, and spray on more vinegar, it’ll start bubbling and release anything stuck to it. Gently wipe and rinse out. It’s like brand new. Also, a sponge paint crafting brush gets into the tight areas well to scrub clean ($1 store has packs of them).

  10. You are the best on this important way to clean ones intstant pot — every time i use mine i do it. I love your teaching everyone because so many don't. I love to hear it over and over, one little addition – using a spongy paint brush at hardware store and use it to clean the crack in the pot that is on top. I also use my Tiger Rice cooker for the best easy rice – yum!! only if not using the pot if preferred for dishes or soups and can do it there. Thank for this again and enjoy the holiday Karen and family 🙂

  11. I use a foam paint brush to clean around the sealing area. It absorbs any moisture right after cooking & it will clean out any crumbs also. I soak my rings in a 50/50 solution of vinegar & hot water, let it sit overnight & then wash with soapy water the next morning. I also soak my stainless inner pot in vinegar & then wash in hot, soapy water.

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