How to Decarb Cannabis Perfectly Every Time – Ardent NOVA Decarboxylator – Easy Decarb – Saves Money

Check out my video about decarboxylation and the Ardent NOVA Decarboxylator. I’m in love with this device. Full disclosure they gave me one for free to test …


  1. This video really helped me. It appears you add more material than oil. So 2.5 g material to 1 oz.oil. I did the opposite and was wondering why my infusion wasn't giving me the effect I expected. Now I just take more tincture and when I make my next batch, I'll reduce the oil and increase the material. Thank you.

  2. Can I decarb flower multiple times if it dosent look brown after the first run? Will it effect the final product? Also with concentrates is a shot glass the best thing to use? Anything else you might recommend?

  3. I've had 2 of these both stopped working with in less than a year. I thought trying it again and they weren't available. The shell cracked after the 5th use. The 2nd one the green light would not go off after pressing it to turn it red. But work hood for a solid 4months.

  4. Or you can just use a pressure cooker! I always use my pressure cooker to decarb my bud AND concentrates! No matter the amount it always PERFECTLY DECARBS! Always! I set it on high for 1 hour and I therefore saved hundreds of dollars by not falling for your gimmick of overcomplicating a simple process

  5. So you could literally add this to anything? Like cookie dough before baking and or sprinkle some onto some guacamole and they become edibles?? Is it seriously that simple?!?!

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