How To Clone Cannabis Plants (Quick & Easy)

Want to shave four weeks off your next grow AND save some money? Cloning your own cannabis plants using cuttings is an awesome day to do that. Follow …


  1. Hi, I set in a couple clones in jiffy cells and as of now I dont see any roots showing , today is the 15th day since I started them. The leaves are still looking good and I did clip the tips.There is even new growth coming of the stems but cant see any roots, oh and I never had any rooting gel. Are they going to be a lost cause lol

  2. My dad has been growing weed outdoors in mass for the last 3 years. I've helped him along the way but never knew myself how to clone it on my own. Long story short mom and I had to get a restraining order so he left right after we put the clones outdoors in the garden after turning the soul over and all that good stuff. We got 12 plants right now and they are beautiful first time taking care of it all on my own. You helped teach me a lot! Thanks man

  3. I'm desperately trying to save the plants I've grown from seeds this year.
    I didn't have any of the fancy rooting solution or coco ?
    Just a wet paper towel until the seeds started then into potting soil.
    They were all doing really well, then I transplanted them into larger containers.
    That's when the leaves on 3 of them started getting yellow, some with brown tips.
    The other one is good buds and everything.
    So today decided to look up cloning.
    I realize that I do the same thing with my Coleus Blumei Salvia Devinorum plants.
    Only no fancy rooting solution,?
    And what are these Coco pods you mentioned?
    Hopefully I can save these plants.

  4. Hi Stephen. I was born with remarkable powers to instantly transform any green color to brown. I really appreciate your desperately needed growing advice and your remarkably clear; easy to follow; very well-organized growing directions. Despite my grumpy nature, I do not understand the previous commentator's sarcastic whining but WOW, I sure admire your incredibly, kind and humble response to him.

  5. In 30 years i've never cut the leaf tips for clones, currently trying it out after watching this vid.
    Also rooting gel or powder what do others prefer, i've been using powder but i have a jar of gel i may try with this batch for a change.

  6. Very cool buddy, thank you for the much needed info. I'm very new, and man I feel like I'm in over my head. I appreciate your consise, and informative videos.

  7. The last time I cloned I didn't clip the leaf tips and used shitty rooting powder and all 6 cuttings cloned but I didn't open my dome vents for 5 days

  8. After I've done this is it normal for the clones to be wilting just a few hours after or does this mean I've failed… and is it okay to put them under a regular grow light with the mother plant ?

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