How to clone cannabis – cloning your marijuana

Cloning a OG Cheese that I have decided I want to grow indoors. I am currently using harvest farm dry amendments and have been using Wallace Wow …


  1. once you clone them, do you keep them inside for light or outside in the sun if the temperature is correct? i just did mine today but not sure if i should bring them in weather is in the 70s all week

  2. Love the simplicity and economic ease for cloning.
    1: Aquire female plant cuttings.
    2: Place in damp soil with root grow juice.
    3: Wait for awhile.
    4: Enjoy.
    Couldn't be easier.

    Edit: I subscribed so I get a notice when you test your new crop🌿

  3. Lol.. u should at least wipe them with some alcohol or something after using that lighter…but the heat is good idea.. and u shouldn't dip the plant directly into bottle…. u will contaminate it… u should pour some out into another vessel. Then dip the plants into that.

  4. As a newbie who has struck out at cloning on 3 different occasions using rockwool cubes, this is the way to do it. I do the same thing except I use a jiffy peat pellet then put that in the solo cup with a peat/coco/soil/perlite mix then into a humidity dome. Since then 7 home runs in a row! Going to keep an eye out for those single domes for sure. I have a couple bigger ones but those little ones are the cats' ass. Listen to this guy and forget the rockwool cubes. I am waiting to see how you trellis up your outdoor I am kinda hoping you just throw a net with 3.5-inch holes over each one without any other support bars hooks etc.

  5. Great cloning video brother… I just use a couple DIY cloners I made from $3.00 totes, Pool noodle for pucks, air pumps and 2 stones in each cloner. Each cloner has 15 sites and all sites are filled right now with roots popping. Got about 10 that need to go into soil today… Cheers…

  6. Man, I can hardly wait til my first plants are ready to clone! Thanks for your great vids! I've learned a lot from you all ready. How long do you typically veg indoors for before moving to your back yard and how do you minimize that stress? I think you may have said a change in light/dark hours in an older vid? And anything to ease their transition? 🖖🌱

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