1. You butchered those plants bud… also the cuttimgs need be a bit bigger Also those mothers wont ve anywhere remotley near ready to flower in a week. Keep em in veg for at least another 3 weeks u ony got like 4 bud sites per plant

  2. Nice video brother nice clippings I got to tell you I've used honey before you don't even have to use rooting gel to the honey works amazingly well you're doing a wonderful job keep up the good videos mad respect Growers Luv

  3. Solid information about cloning. I've never had an issue with jiffy pellets, but I haven't had great success with cloning powders, so I use gel. Hopefully you have more success with yours. Honey is antibacterial, and might help with preventing an air embolism in the cuttings… Probably doesn't hurt, but probably doesn't help either. I don't think I'd try it in an aerocloner though.

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