1. Ive got a nitrogen problem.
    I started my plants from seed.
    Put them in a small pot to start, using canna terra pro.
    Transplanted into a 2.5 gal pot with canna terra pro and mixed some worm castings and volcanic rock in the soil.
    Do you think I’ve over done it by adding worm castings and volcanic rock ?
    Ive flushed the pots out but might need to do abit more flushing as i only flushed approx 1.5 gallons through each pot.
    Will my plants bounce back and will the damages leaves repair ?
    Any feed back would be much appreciated,

  2. I don't even think you mentioned leaf burn in this video did you? you told me how much I need but I found out shit about light burn ie. at what temp am I gonna start seeing problems, what's it looks like, is there any way to fix the problem once it's happened or are the leaves cooked. All these might be some good topics to cover if your gonna talk about leaf burn. I assume this is for amateurs so it could be helpful

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