How Often Do I Smoke Weed? – Marijuana Use While Intermittent Fasting

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  1. Yeah I can tell you smoke it. It tricks you so easy. Helps your creativity lmao. It also increases your chance of cancer by 500x. Herbs are not supposed to be smoked.. Or grown indoors with numerous chemicals. But you or other people will tell me how wrong I am as no one likes the truth

  2. I smoke weed and lost lots of fat a make me stay a way from food I have no munchies plus what I figured out a cut my craving on sugar no more sugar craving not every one has the same experience and I have lots lots of energy my wife call me crack head and I'm 47 i was all my life fat 395LB now 200 even a take me some time 4 this.. I like to smoke nightime before bed and listen to TERANCE MCKENNA..

  3. I disagree when you say that you can't control your mind bro! Try practicing awareness for at least 5-10 mins every day at the same time each day and you will notice the difference!! Peace.

  4. i do exactly as you do, same after hitting the gym i need to relax, specially because of my mind is all day running at full speed, i also realized it helps me to focus and with creativity and next morning i usually wake up well rested and with better awareness.

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