1. These stems of his plant "perfectly aliens" with eachother, on both sides of the motherstem…question… the stems on my plant are kinda oppositie, double branches , not like this video, could it have to do with the strain of plant, mine is amnesia…. In that case ,where do I cut…🙅

  2. I never top that way, for me it stunts the plant too much as a shock, therefore: slows down growth rate. Here's what I do.
    At the very top of the new growth I spread open the very small leaves, and take tweezers to pinch the very inner top! Newest growth! Not the whole top above the new nodes!!:) you might find that not only the two nodes grow, there are possibly 2 more that form from this type of topping. Creating 4 instead of 2.

  3. Ive done this a few times great for maximum yield also taking advantage of 24hrs of light and stretching the Veg period until a thick stalk is attained is a great idea, I have had tons of success with while going through veg.

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