Hemp and Marijuana/Cannabis Cultivation Now Legal In Colorado And Washington

This is a real victory for the people and for natural health. There are provisions in Colorado amendment 64 that allow for hemp cultivation and recreational …


  1. I realize our president doesnt meet the qualifications for this at all, but we need a Jackson or Lincoln whos willing to TOSS ASIDE all of our FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE DEBT and start a new currency! Cant do it you say? History disagrees!

  2. I agree but the State of Colorado stole a large sum of money from the MMJ research fund because they needed it for something else when it was in the original bill to use the money for Marijuana research ONLY. They are a bunch of liars and most of the higher ups like the Governor, want a war on drugs rather than legal weed.

    I just feel that plants are not something that should be taxed unless it is sold retail. (like tomatoes) I grew up in South Dakota and they do not even have state income tax.

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