Health Decoder – Why Does Marijuana Give You the Munchies?

You might wonder, why does smoking marijuana actually make you hungry — or, in smoking terms, give you the munchies? Well, it’s simple. Or, at least it’s …


  1. What is some crazy shit you made while you were high?
    My personal is a tortilla with pretzels nacho cheese,bacon,taco bell fire sauce,french fries,and and egg. It was nuts and my friends loved it

  2. I'm a guy 16 130lb 5'10 so I'm slim but have muscle and I'm athletic it has been getting worse like today I ate less than 1,000 calories it's dinner and I really don't feel like eating even tho my stomach has a feeling like u need to eat but I really don't want to eat I normally eat smaller amount s of food I don't eat meals like 3 meals every day like the scedual I always say weed is bad I have tons of chances but I won't try it I'm not dumb but I have been thinking if I smoke like in the morning I will be able to eat food all day maby . School I get 2 normal sized half of turkey sandwich and chips sometimes Nutella on same size I don't finish it even if it's a little food I'dk what to do if I should try to smoke once or what

  3. I don't have weird combo cravings. More like eat 17 things separate. Like for example, I just ate a chocolate bar, and now I'm chewing on beef jerky lol. Rolled tacos with guac and cheese though are my go to 🙌

  4. I'm the fucking Queen of Munchies. Hahaha. I will eat a TON when I'm high. Everything is just so damn delicious. I actually get irritated when I'm in the munchie zone tryin to enjoy my food and people are bothering me…

    I really hope I don't get fat….:)

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