Health Benefits of CBD Oil – Dr. Michelle Bean (April 2018)

Health Benefits of CBD Oil” is a presentation given by Dr. Michelle Bean, DC at the Silicon Valley Health Institute on April 19, 2018. Yes, in the brain, organs, …


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  2. You should bundle all the studies up and then have a reference page at the end, if you was willing to share them with people. That would be super helpful.
    Great talk though, definitely learnt a lot.
    Thank you.

  3. I dont understand. If I have a headache weed makes it ten times worse. So I dont smoke it. I have used cbd and it doesn't help with pain either . Cbd does seem to calm me down a little bit but only at a large dose and it's too expensive for me to use everyday at a large dose. Which is weird because it's a weed (hemp) it can grow anywhere so it really shouldn't be anywhere near as expensive as it is.

  4. Try Sunsoil cbd. It’s cheap and ships fast. Sunsoil publishes independent test results proving the quality of their products. I’ve been using it and it’s amazing stuff.

  5. lol cbd does nothing for chronic's the gold rush of our if people knew just how easy it is to grow and extract.they would not be getting ripped off by fake or legit companies. every body and there momma are trying to cash out.get on line buy some seeds.or spend a lot for something u all know nothing about.easy choice for me.

  6. The Endocannabinoid System should totally be added to all Anatomy-Physiology textbooks & coursework, as well as all healthcare education programs! It’s just as important as the other systems granted it’s vital it be balanced to maintain homeostasis- death is ALWAYS the result of the loss of homeostasis!! This woman is so incredibly intelligent & inspiring!!

  7. Hey! I just picked up for depression and anxiety. Its impossible to come off my antidepressant. That’s big pharma for u. Do you know if I can take cbd with my antidepressant SNRI? Thanks!

  8. You might be a great chiropractor, but you really need to sharpen up your speaking skills. You spent so much time on heavy scientific jargon and useless conversation, that I had to stop the video. If people can't get through your speech without having to "stretch and walk around," that is telling you something. While I appreciate your apparent enthusiasm, the next time, get right to the point, and spare us the extraneous laughter and babble.

  9. The scenario she’s talking about at 49 minutes roughly is a little experiment I did last week. I had just gotten my CBD oil this last week. I got stoned and waited an hour then took my normal nightly dose of CBD. In about another hour I was asleep. I wanted to see if it would relax me enough to put me to sleep. I just thought it was funny how she brought it up and I’ve never seen this until now lol

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