Harvesting Male Pollen by jjmcgyver

A video about harvesting pollen (used to fertilize femal plants, !!wont make you high !!) from a male cannabis plant. *I don’t own the video*, it belonges to …


  1. My pollen is kept in a glass vial and kept dry but is starting to clump up… I threw away my last bunch cuz i thought moisture got inside some how.. But now my second collection of pollen is starting to clump up into pollen balls… It even sticks to the bottom of the vial and when i tap it free there is a residuish mark on the glass… It started out like fine sand and didnt clump or stick to the glass. I know pollen in general clumps up, but thats on like bees outside where its moist. I cant find any info about this and i have my vial in a bag with those absorbant packs in 2 socks in a drawer wrapped in sweat pants and shirts… Please can anyone tell me of clumping is normal once a sufficient amount of pollen is collected? All pictures I see online are when it's freshly collected and a fine dry powder.

  2. So essentially while the male plants were flowering you cut them kind of like a clone and place them in water to keep them alive while you collect the pollen over the next couple days???

  3. Put your male plant in a small paper bag. Label it. Smoke the leaves. The one that works is your breeding male. After u figure out which one u want to use. Selectively pick female branches. Lower ones work best. Put bag over flower, put a rubber band around the end and smack it a couple of times for that day. Be mindful that the pollen can carry about a mile, so be careful my friends. Good luck.

  4. yes. take the pollen put it into a ciggarete outer packing ect, compress it wrap it up then cover with 3 layers of news paper, seal it with a small bit of sellotape, put under water and soak the full thing in some hot water. then put it in the oven for 10mins at 175 degrees celcius. after tthe 10mins is done take the item out and apply preasure with a roller ect. once you do that, put it into the fridge to cool off. if you wanted to compress your hash even more then you can repeat the oven step.

  5. The problem I have is I have a male in the small flower tent. If it opens then I will get all seed and poor bud, wich wouldn't be a total waste as I have a male and female LA Con. Maybe if I ask like this I can get both some good bud and a decent amount of seed. How long after the balls develope do they open? I can keep it on 12/12 on a floro for a few days if need be. It's hard to judge for me as I never flowered a male. Also, are the seeds ripe once the plants are?

  6. Ok thanks. I hope they didn't start to reveg. That would set everything back. How do you know when the flowers are about to open? and how far in to flowering should I pollinate the flowers. Thanks for the quick reply. ya really helped me out

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