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  1. I am a cancer patient and I just had seeds from some I brought an growing. When can I harvest. I live in Florida and the weather here is still in the 80's an nite is just now dropping in to the 60-70's. I need to know before it gets to cold. Can some one out there help me. It looks good an smells good. If so thank you.

  2. i been trying to grow for about two years but every year something goes wrong with getting a female plant or my plant getting stolen. but this year i got a beauty and the leaves are turning light. shall i cut it down or wait to see if it produces more bud because it has about a zip on it. Im so ready to harvest just dont think its fully done just yet? any advice would help

  3. This drying method is actually old school. It works good in crowded areas as long as the leaves are on it protects the trichome from being hit around and final product being degraded. Molds only a problem if humidity isn't tended too. Most have a dehumidifier for there grow room so he must have one or not need it for his drying room. I don't see anything wrong with this grow. It's just different then mine and everyone else's. Don't make mine, this one or any1's the right way to do it. Do what works for you!

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