Harvesting and curing outdoor cannabis. part 1

Adult content 21 and older. Severe weather has arrived early forcing harvest of some plants.Curing process is very important, I show what i have learned and …


  1. ive always had a habit of drying in darkness too just so that the light doesnt even have the chance to start messing up the content. then, i cure a little differently, but very similarly. i do it in large-ish glass mason jars and keep it all in darkness. then, once done, i throw it into freezer as im not a dealer and what i do is for myself.

  2. Bro i want advice better way to outdoor ground or indoor pots to plant wich one is can get more havest???and what is the most harvest strain? I'm from Sri Lanka here whether also dry and sunny so outdoor pots or floors is best??? Tell me bro please

  3. "The ones in the rain dont have mold though" lol duh. Its a plant, it knows how to naturally deal with rain. When people start fucking with nature and trying to either cover then up or shake the water off thats when shit goes south. When they are under (unbreathable) plastic or even shade cloth the plants don't have enough time to breath, air gets stagnent/warm and then mold. When a plant gets water on it thrn some dumb cunt goes and "shakes the water off it" all they are doing is shaking water down into the middle of the bud and when you got water inside then you have mold. Thc is naturally water repellent so the water can never penetrate the centre of the flower, it just rolls of or gets absorbed or dries in the sun. My fucking brain hurts. People need to go back and study the thousands of years of history of agricultural practices. Its just a plant like the millions of others.

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