Harvest day 72, CFL RDWC marijuana grow special kush #1

today i harvest! my plants flushed for two weeks. and had 24 hours of darkness before the harvest. I harvested in the morning and only turned my lights on for the …


  1. Man i wish az would just get it over with and legalize it.Its so hard fing good weed with seeds let alone a getting a female to grow with no made to grow equipment from seed while having to desperately hide it being each plant you have is a pound when you get caught,even 3 to 6 pounds is no joke jail time.

  2. yeah for a first cfl grow awesome last one I did on scrog 1.5 ft X 1ft grow space I pulled 6 700 g wet Mb 275 cured .that's nice for first attempt .I've always grown hps mh now cob mh hips mixed spec.the weight I forced out of five plats scrog at 500 cfl shocked me.

  3. if I understand this is your first grow.
    if so you did great don't pay any attention to negative ppl.
    always has to be a ass hole in the bunch.
    we just became legal a year ago I'm still studying and purchasing equipment.
    I hope my first grow comes out as good as yours I will be very happy.
    Keep growing and sharing you help a lot of folks!!

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