Growing Marijuana using the best water possible

Reverse Osmosis, has been proven to optimize marijuana growth and now combined with the new Silecte technology it’s even better. Learn more at …


  1. When i started growning first i used boiled water LOL being the water where i live isnt fit to drink. Let alone give my babys. Then i switched to rain water but found it acidic. So now i use bpttled water "kirkland natural spring water" with a ph of 6.5- 7. Only down side of the dissolve salt is only 205ppm. So isnt good in bud stage so i add Epson salt to boost it back up. Working miracles in a nightmare lol.

  2. I found using the Epic Water filter removes 99% of contaminants including heavy metals, fluoride, herbicides etc. Certainly not as effective as Reverse Osmosis but more discrete & handy for smaller operations.

  3. People say yada dada blada abour distilled water. They are trying to sell you there filter. Dont listen. The rain is nothing but distilled water that pick up a few thing on its way down. Stop worrying about itm most rain is poluted with worse thing for the first few hours kf collected it looks yellow but eventually comes down at the same ph.

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