1. Put the lite houseing inbetween your filter and exost. Catch all the heat from the lite as well as all the heat that collects up top. I have a 4 by 4 and 2 1000. Mine stays at 76 .

  2. lads im in my 4th week of bud i gave my plant 6 weeks veg its hydroponic using sensi food an pk 13/boost an for some reason buds are coming smells potent but i have a feeling im only going to pull of 3 or 4 oz i have it in a 1X2 tent plant is under a 600watt light also has a fan giving plenty of air circulation ,, also have air stones in the bucket and a home made feeder constantly feeding it its like the plant is not growing taller someone help m,e out please ed

  3. not a big one to figure out homie.. take out them ballases and redirect the fan back IN under the plants rather than taking that air out… they will exchange air at a faster rate this way… and youll have more movment. it helps strengthen the plants too by being moved about slowly. but the REAL quickest answer would be to change grow space, and get a bigger tent.. im sure u probably have by now..??

  4. @carmona4200 absolutely right. a little fresh air from outside the tent( not a fan circulating air that's in the tent) will do you wonders for the temp mine stays77-80 all day no matter outside temp ps girls are lookin nice my man

    Peace and pot!!!!

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