Growing Marijuana At Home – 1 Week Flower At 12 – 12 Lighting

For more information, visit This video shows my Marijuana Plants 7 days from the start of their 12 – 12 flowering period.


  1. This guy is a jack ass.. I didnt even finish watchin it. First if all….
    **Mold Spores need a R.H. over 40% to be able to sprout. Dry air WONT CAUSE MOLD.. BUT if your air is dry and you have dry crispy leaves and then your R.H. (relative humidity) goes up or if those leaves jst get wet then and only then can mold grow. No humidity and no water = NO MOLD.

    And this guy is supposed to be able to run a informative growing marijuana website and mold needing moisture is day 1 shit.

    Im not normally a dick to ppl not knowing something and im more than willing to lay some knowledge on them but sombody that is teaching somebody something (like myself right now) they need to be 100% certain or they need to say they arnt sure. Look up the info before posting it. Below is a link backing up what i jst said. Click or copy paste link, its 3rd paragraph down.

    A good reference website is below this. You can type questions in search engine on the main page of the website (not the google engine they have one for some reason)

  2. This guy is supposed to own a marijuana growing website?? Mold "WILL NOT" grow if the mold spore doesn't have any moisture. MOLD ISNT CAUSED FROM DRY AIR. But say if you have a dry crispy leaf on your plant it is more susceptible to mold but only after the dry leaf gets moisture on it. Mold is a living organism that needs water to live and the more moisture it has the more it will thrive especially in the temps. that grow tents are kept.

  3. maybe that leaf got dry because it was cut,,,ps looks like we need to form a desert growers club,,it stays pretty dry in the mojave desert,,im thinking this is a benefit ,,if too much humidity builds up in my room ,,increase in airflow should be the cure,,,just one quickie question,,,whats your best guess on an effective low harm way of ridding my black gnats? i hear azamax puts a dent in thees bastards along with the stickies, will cayenne pepper spray work without damage??????

  4. I also grow in the desert even though I deal with the low humidity, dry air, really hasn't seemed to cause much of a problem at least never have mold problems thankfully. I knew a guy that ran some humidity and he had all kind of trouble now that I think of it that could have been the culprit, keep it green.

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