In this episode I go over how to calculate DLI and the importance of running it. Learning how to dial in each specific strains needs is a sure way to increase …


  1. Great knowledge here. It's good to have it all tie together, all the different variables. Please talk about coco and the science of mastering it if possible. Bulk media ec, pour water ec, media run off ph vs input ph etc. Peace bro.

  2. One question I do have is when you start your flush what are your numbers looking like are they exactly what you put in every day on a consistent basis?

    Example: daily feeds are
    Ph: 5.60-5.90 – E.C2.2

    Would you be close to that when starting flush?

  3. Hey it worked too. I'm going into the end of week three and the biggest plant I have has been looking a bit nitrogen deficient just slightly to light green verging on yellow. I use dry amendments. So to combat this I have been feeding with jacks 321 and it helped. But still not quite there. Turned my lights down last night and this morning the plant is beautiful. This plant particularly is my first and only not bag seed run o have done. So its my baby girl ry for helping out my chika

  4. Why do you see these big facilities with the lights 5 plus feet above the top of the plants? I ask because I have never had the height, but I just built my 40 by 60 barn with 14’ walls. Should I use a fixed height or do like GML and and move the lights up and down?

  5. We appreciate YOU for all you do. I just came to know of you a month or so ago on GML show and I've learned so much from you. You're a humble dude I'd love to share a J with. I guess with COVID we should each have our own….

  6. I know you’re prolly busy as shit but is there a different platform you communicate on? Like yourself, I don’t do social media and all that comes with it but you don’t seem to answer to comments and I have some questions about the video. Where do I post them to get the fastest answer? Lol. I appreciate the info your delivery was flawless and understandable. Don’t be camera shy you’re a natural when you’re speaking about what you love!!!!

  7. Thanks for the update. I figured it out over the last few years. Didn’t know about the chart. I increase my DLI and PPM about the same. Light period 17/7 and 11/13 . Works for me. Lost leaf breaks up his light cycle like 10 on 4 off, 6 on, 4 off. Thanks again Wolverine, appreciate your time and information. Keep on growing 🌲🌲🌲

  8. Thank you so much for beeing the only one which makes exactly this kind of vídeos for everybody who finished already some grows and who is able not to overwater etc 😂💪 I have a small greenhouse with Light deprivation and will have a maximum DLI of ~33 but not planning on using Co2 because there is constant new Air from Outside. Is that some where in the good range or you would guess that for most of the strains that is to "less" to max out Yields ? I am running and GG#4 from Bsf seeds and 1 Ak 47 (y) greetings from Guatemala bro

  9. Man this 20 min. Flew by. I am a new grower and a sponge 🧽. I can talk or listen to grow talk all day. Its not tech talk but weed tech talk maybe. I don't know but both of these videos are great and correspond to me and my grow specifically

  10. for what its worth most of us weed nerds will watch hrs of pod casts/ grow talks/ seed to harvest videos just for that one little bit of information, we may have heard the same information before but the way you present your self or the situation, it just clicks. seen you on a gml show and glad you have become a youtube creator, the information you pay forward will come full circle back to you.

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