1. Yoo bro I been following you for a good while now.and I wanted to ask you when you add the liquid seaweed every watering now dose that hurt if you already have nutreints already in the soil? Or is that just alittle booster for the girls

  2. Hey just wondering, it looks like you only did one flush on this and didn’t wait for the plant to use all of the nutrients, is it ok to harvest using this method of growing without flushing? Once the trichomes are all cloudy/ some amber, go ahead and harvest? Still learning! You have taught me so much!

  3. I really need somebody to tell me what will happen if I don't put additives in. Im about 4-5 days in and i have no idea what to do next besides get it hot and move it into a bigger pot. I wish i had an expert here with me cuz these yt vids have so much info and so many different additives and im super stressed

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