Growing Cannabis Plants Outdoor & Flowering Early

I have 26 plants growing outdoor, 12 different strains, at four different stages of flowering as of early August in Northern Ontario, Canada. No these are not …


  1. Beautiful transition James, all of them girls waving their arms like they at a party!!! Lol always a treat when you put out a video. Hope to see some harvest videos soon. Stay safe and stay medicated brother

  2. In and out is dedication!
    I remember doin this before you-tube and now you see theres even auto greenhouses that do it for you
    All the secrets are no longer secrets lol
    great work this yr j 👍

  3. Nice backyard..I miss having a yard.i got 27 going 6 strains plants in a condo and balcony..most dont know cannabis will flower on 14 and 15 hours of sunlight if you stick out already in flower.Might look a little different(bud formation)but just has stoney.did you stick the ones in bud already in flower when u put outside.or stick in darkness for 3 days and start giving flower fertilizer.i think I remember you from last yr.and you just start flower fertilizer to get them to bud early.

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