Growing Cannabis- Mini documentary- Episode 2

This documentary depicts the cultivation of a medical Cannabis strain named Bubble Bomb by Bomb Seeds. Bubble Bomb is a cross between a strain named …


  1. i like how you use the force of nature to grow you're plant but i enjoy producing everything myself not buying from 3rd party sources, all these organic methods are the most free given straight to you from your nearby forest!

  2. I watch your videos religiously and need your help. I have 3×5 grow space and know I'll need at least two lights what if any led lights would you recommend I use that won't kill my wallet. PLEASE HELP

  3. hi in other video you talk about co2 for photosynthétise i think about that and the question i have is, do you think burning incense can do the job ? héhé srry if my english is Bad im french canadian ^^ love you guy big up

  4. @Cali Green – Why do you need the clover in there? Is that not taking up soil nutrients better left for the herb?
    Also have you tried increasing the CO2 content in your grow tents? I have seen some interesting videos about increasing CO2 PPM levels which result in much larger root systems, more leaves and thicker main stem. I'd be curious if you tested this and made a video about it. Thanks for the cool videos!

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