Growing Cannabis Medicine with Spectrum King LED Lights Day 28

Yep I am testing the Spectrum King LED Light .. My buds are now joining together its day 28 of flower. I am growing 6 different strains under 2 LED lights to see …


  1. I would love to know the runoff ec/ppm/ph of your soil in your HPS flowering room. I think that because the growth rate is so much faster under the HID's(where i'm seeing the most yellowing) that you're not giving them enough food as they look like they are cannibalizing themselves. Or possibly because you're mixing organics with synthetics, it has lowered the ph in your soil so much it has created a ph lockout inhibiting the absorption of essential nutrients at such a low ph.
    Where as the growth rate under the LED is much less so it can live off of minor amounts of nutrition and still look green.

  2. My thoughts on why those couple of strains are doing better is because the ratios of photosynthetic pigments are slightly different. Having a bit more chlorophyll A in you ratio will mean more benefit from the blues, more B and the reds will be of more use. I think this is really where LEDs will be usefull because of their abitlity to alter spectrum, so once we have the generic canabis spectrum down pat we can still tweak depending on exactly what strain we are growing. Sure all plants want red and blue but some more red, some more blue.

  3. Wish i could afford that because it performs like crazy. HPS create more heat than actual light and that follows the leaf yellowing, seem to be rather casual for everybody. If your not using any chemicals try use microbials to buffer soil for you, this way you not have to worry about pH ever again. Watching all this white hairs im thinking only about hash its gona produce… so nice to see it flourish. Bless Ya!

  4. Nice job, JB! The Jamaican plant, like any Jamaican, made me smile real big. Once this horrible prohibition bullshit is over, I hope to have a room or two just like yours. Keep up the great work, John! You are also looking quite healthy as of late. I'm feelin' it too, since I started hot yoga recently. And to all the haters: This man's way of life is an inspiration to many. John fell a bunch of stories onto solid concrete. Broke alot of bones. Now that he has found the right medicine, the right exercise, and the positive outlook on life, he has become a whole new man. He's John 2.1. Respect what he does. Respect how he lives. Learn from it. 

  5. Hey John i like watching your videos and you have some awesome grows. i think you need to lower the L.E.D light down about "6 inches. I know what the company suggest is what you have them at but I think thats the reason the bud separation is so far apart on the LED plants. If I was you I would drop it 3 inches for about 2 days and see what happens and then another 3 if everything is ok.

  6. Rip Joe Cocker. You should do a dab show with Joe's music in the background. Great vids I am learning so much before I jump into my 4 Oregon plants. Thanks for all you do. My days are better having tuned into your channel.

  7. Great Update! both gardens look outstanding! John, I think anything crossed with a NL#5, Skunk,Haze will be fire!LOL I just can't wait to see the difference in resin production between the two gardens! As healthy as the LED garden is I think the resin gland heads will be extraordinary! The first bounce will be your reward! LOL

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