Growing Cannabis – Community Grow Channel 1-5-20 With Autopot & Remo Nutrients

Growing Cannabis – Community Grow Channel 1-5-20 Octane Grow Tent Official Website & Store: Whats up GROWERS! So i started the …


  1. Get ahold of optic l.e.d or at least check out west coast cannabis on YouTube he interacts and is all about having the right product for the right price remember me if you guys do link up

  2. good to see your keeping things real dude- there's a lot of tossers out there saying they know all they know stuff all they regurgitate others info only and claim as theirs, keep up the work- keep it real and others will follow

  3. Hey Jade I know this is none cannabis related but if you love vaping as much as you do and you really love good flavor you should check out the Profile by MRJUSTRIGHT and WOTOFO it the best RDA for flavor on. Oh and I really like your tents I just wish that I could afford one I know they're probably not no more expensive than any other tent but right now my finances won't even let me but anyhow you should check out the profile RDA I think you'll really likeand the girls look good even though they are probably a little bit stressed but they'll get over it there used to these types of things they rely on us to do this to them so was our last they would have a boring life lol 😆 well good day my friend and God bless and let me know if you check out that RDA and what you think about.

  4. Whats up jade. First thing, thank u for all of the great content. I have always enjoyed your videos and i have learned alot from you over time. I also think you should do a nice diy led. Keep up what your doing, you are my favorite vloger for sure cause your 100% real!!! Good luck putting down the brews. You got this brother!!!!

  5. I never really cared for SK lights to begin with. I respect them and agree they have a good product but not for the price i dont know what your deal with them is but i suggest you do a DIY light its way cheaper and you get to learn something new

  6. Hey I quite drinking so I could study on how to grow so I don't have to spend so much money for so little from other people and I'm really happy have a grow going and spend my free time researching everything. You can do anything you put your mind to. You got this!!!💪💪🙏

  7. Glad to see you steppin away from spectrum king. I'm not a fan of them at all. There are such better LED companies (in the USA) for the money. Personally i think hlg is where it's at. Great customer service as well.

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