1. ok here, I think the stopping of banks from supporting the USA only forces us to sent it over to other places in the world for there use to invest in buying stocks. taking over us with my f– ing  own money. my mom pasted at 72 and I cashed a check. I only wanted 20,000.00 cash to move to a different bank to put in safety box. had to sine paper and I told them (in a bank) I have a weapon's license. but the DEA is stomping on the small guy. where dose the tax money go in legal states. banks right?

  2. You guys had me yelling shit at the screen in tears and fits of laughter. Always so entertaining.

    I'm totally coming over there Professor Green Ninja, I have almost all the money to pay for my Passport already. Next step, the airfare! I'm not just coming to see you guys though, I have long term friends in USA, they actually live in California down Murrieta way and another over the other side of WA in Hanford. At least I think that's the correct states for them both, either way, they are West Coast livin'! RESPECT!

    Still not sure when, but I'm guessing it will be around July or August before I can get over there, so your welcome to keep saying I won't get there, but I WILL hehe. And I know you meant no disrespect, this is just something I have made my mind up about and therefore, TRYANDSTOPMEH!

    Looking forward to Pt2, I'll have Day 1 of flower up for Shirley later today, after I clean clean clean.

    Growers love BU

    PS I'm totally meeting you guys face to face for the first time in an Orange Unicorn Suit with Google sponsorship for my LaZ0rZ!

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