1. In the 80s I had a boyfriend that told me he was first attracted to me because he thought I looked like Grace Slick. Now that my hair has turned white, I'm starting to hear that more often, and I'm very flattered! She's gorgeous, so I really don't see the resemblance except maybe our big eyes.
    We certainly seem to have a lot in common though.
    Pharmaceuticals nearly killed me, more than once. I've suffered 18 years with an extremely painful nerve disorder call trigeminal neuralgia (aka the suicide disease). I started using cannabis @ 10 years ago and it's given me my life back!
    I'm also an artist with a "fuck you" but playful attitude. I raise goats as weed and brush control because I live on a mountain where we have devastating wildfires. I loved hearing her describe her white rabbit drawing, I did a "Supergoat" cartoon where a silly-looking goat is delicately perched atop a globe "saving the earth", because goats are one way we can help save the environment! I don't even own a mower or "weedeater", because I have 18 weedeaters that also fertilize! They are also wonderful companions.
    My son and I were tapped here in 2013 as a fire raged all the way around our house after our only escape route was engulfed in flames and we had to shelter inside the house. The goats had eaten everything within 200 feet of the house, so when the fire chief came by he said, "Lady, your goats SAVED your ass!" I answered, "Don't I KNOW it!"
    I've always loved her music, now I love her even more.

  2. It would be great if what she says about the healing aspects of a natural plant were true. However, Ms Slick is not a pharmacist, doctor, or medical scientist, so how can anybody trust her judgement. And you cannot deny that she definately has a dog in the hunt, after all she is known to have been a user of various drugs throughout her life. Still, if her statements about marijuana turn out to be factual, it would be nothing short of a medical breakthrough.

  3. iam clean and sober, but i think hemp better than alcohol. it opens the mind. thats were i believe a lot of 60s music was influenced by hemp.Iam ok w/ hemp for medical use. I dont use but iam certainly ok w/ others using it. iam pro hemp!

  4. Her eyes are looking so nice and healthy.  Glad she's still here.  I'M a "Starship Trooper".  The planets confirm.  God reconfirmed several times.  I'M a "STARSHIP TROOPER".  God confirms.  Love to you, Grace and the others you call "friends".

  5. BULLSHIT. Where is the spike in lung cancer deaths post 60's ? IT DOESN'T EXIST. Smoking cigarettes is what gives people lung cancer. You are a misinformed fool. Tell it to the cancer patients.

  6. Hemp (used to make paper) could put a some of the timber industry out of business.
    Hemp used as an analgesic could cut into profits for ibuprofen and the like.
    Hemp used in clothing could cut into profits of the textile industry.
    Now you know… Congress is not afraid of it as a drug… but as a lost lobbyist payment!

  7. We should legalize the hemp plant just for this reason…all man made crap is way bad for life… nature did it perfect, humans… are crazy to think science can improve a perfect natural plant that grows everywhere naturally… get it?!
    the hemp plant is in human written history dating back over 6 thousand years… look at the damage the petroleum mistake has created… Wake up from the bad nightmare and whoever says mother nature is bad for you, have them go get educated. I Love You ALL

  8. Marijuana is simply illegal not because its dangerous. It's because the pharmaceutical companies would pretty much go out of business if it became legal. At least maybe some.

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