Global Health News Episode #28 | CBD Oil & Cancer | Online Censorship | Cell Phone Radiation

Join Ty & Charlene Bollinger for episode #28 of Global Health News! If you missed the last episode, be sure to check it out here: …


  1. From what I researched on cannabis the CBD with THCa (or acid) can be juiced raw for many ailments and health maintenance ,AND without getting high if juiced raw with many benefits…!!
    Now on the other hand cannabis with THC is the cancer killer….the THC tells the cancer cells the party is over …THC tells the cancer cells to "age out" just like red blood cells "age out" after 100 to 120 days..!!!

  2. Breaking a law for betterment…….called "competing harms laws" only in certain U.S. states…!!
    Also it is a joke states that have legalized cannabis….it still is regulated for purchase,possession and cultivation…it is still tyranny at it's finest.True freedom is being able to buy as much as you want or can,be able to grow as many plants as you want,and to do what you what with the plant as long as you are not harming other human beings….now that is true freedom…!!

  3. China is doing a lot more than this. They are imprisoning born again Christians, and giving them the death penalty. Then they harvest their organs for big $$$. The same is being done to many types of inmates. There is also a problem with small children being left at home alone in the mountains because both parents have to travel long distances to work, so the kids feed their selves and do chores. Parents visit the kids once in a great while. Some kids are cared for by grandparents, but they have to work as well.

  4. Your comments on CBD and THC are ok, I appreciate, but why scare people about 5G, when you say at the same time we cannot do anything to prevent it? Is it not that fear is one of the strongest risks when dealing with cancer? And you immediately suggest you have a machine that can help. Ok, guys, I liked your first two series you released some three years ago, but this I percieve as subliminal advertising.

  5. Good info, thank you. I'm in Gateshead UK unfortunately, I have 5g transmitters feet away from my little house front & back, I feel constant low humming in my ear canals, nobody sleeps well, my dog went down hill as soon as they deployed the weaponry on the streetlights, he died in April aged 7. It's totally absurd I'm paying to be slowly cooked and there's no authority to turn to…. what a mad horrible world the controllers have engineered. Bless you two

  6. Oh come on you two…lets be real, the 80's were a great time to be alive lol! Seriously though, it was such a simpler time and technology was really just starting, not to mention some of the best movies ever made (Top Gun)! Wife and I have been loyal followers and supporters of your mission since TTAC first aired!! Love your Global Health News episodes and share them with everyone we know to help spread the knowledge! Can't wait to hear about the 5G mitigation for our homes! Luckily we live in a semi-rural area in northern Minnesota so not as bad as some areas but still not immune to it 🙁 Love you guys and will continue to spread the word! <3 Love the fact that you are just you behind the camera, no fake stuff…keep doing what you're doing and be proud! Peace and Love!

  7. My son, who is on the autism spectrum, wrote a very articulate fact-driven letter to President Trump about vaccines, and he put this letter on twitter. He was immediately taken off twitter for good. He was so sad because he told me he had friends on twitter that he encouraged and they could relate to each other with their vaccine injury stories.

  8. Have you thought of starting a volunteer network to help people dealing with chronic health problems? I have chronic Lyme disease and I need help getting rid of items in storage from a lawn service I used to have. I have slowly been getting rid of stuff for 5 years since I was diagnosed with Lyme in 2013. I have 5 brothers and I cannot get them to help.

  9. I’ve been taking a high grade CBD oil for two years for chronic incurable Lyme disease. I think it might be helping me more than the natural medicine antibiotic I am on about 8-10 months a year. I got Lyme in the early 80’s that wasn’t diagnosed until 2013.

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