1. I grow organic and still flush . my flush isn’t major gallons of water I just simply give them straight ph water for 2 or 2.5 weeks nothing else . All my leaves fade yellow 🍁 or different colors depending on the strain .

  2. Flush all the nitrogen out before week 3 of flower would stunt growth in my opinion ! The plant needs that nitrogen for the 3 week stretch to bulk up before putting all its energy into producing flowers !

  3. Flushing by the stoner definition of pulling chemicals out of the flower to make it smoke cleaner is complete horseshit…roots dont run backwards….the only purpose of a flush is for removing salt and chemical buildup and to not waste nutrients at the end of a harvest if you're growing with chemicals by letting it use up everything left in the soil. Grow organic where flushing is irrelevant and you'll stop growing mids..never use chemical nutrients with compost tea, pick one or the other…its foolish to use both….

  4. Flushing isn't a one size fits all scenario. There are many factors to consider.
    How long was the plant in veg mode?
    How much food was the plant fed in veg… light, medium or heavy?
    Plants use nutrients at different rates. This means the left over nutrients in the medium could be loaded up heavy or perhaps the plant metabolized its food at a very high rate and flushing would be a hardship on the plant. Another factor to consider is how does your plant appear. Does she look like she could use lacks enough chlorophyll? If so, I wouldn't flush.
    Also, which brand of nutrients and what additional additives and supplements are mixed into the feeding program. Then factors like pot size, enriched soil or nutrient free grow media are also considerations. I made it sound complicated. It can be. My advice is keep it simple however. Dial in and streamline your methods. Minimize your inputs as much as possible. Don't be a sucker for pretty packages and bro science. I've been at it a while and use a basic feeding program. My ash is white and terpenes strong. My yields have never been bigger using a more than 2 addivives one being a pk boost and the other cal-mag. A one part base and that's it. 3 bottles total for bloom phase. I flush 2 weeks minimum at the end.
    The clients always want dibs on my simply grown product. Less nutrients means less stuff to flush.

  5. I have never flushed before light change. What iv always done is have a 50/50 mix for the first 3wks of flower. As the plant stretches it needs veg nutes but not in such high lvls as in full veg. Then i just switch to flower nutes. Once my trichs showed any amber i flush for 5 days (not needed but its personal preference). This is all using biobizz

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