First Time Trying CBD Oil for Chronic Illness, Pain, Anxiety and Depression

I’m tired of popping about 9x Ibuprofen a day, every day. I had little idea of what to expect when first trying CBD Oil… I chart my before and after symptoms, and …


  1. Don't be hustled, cut out the greedy middle man. I tried 3 brands sold over the web, all 3 had high reviews, every kind of medical lab purity testing and claimed to all be the very best available. After finishing off each bottle none of them had worked on my chronic pain, anxiety or peripheral neuropathy even when I tripled the dose of the 300mg strength. Only effect was wild dreams. I really wanted to stop taking gabapentin so in a last desperate move I ordered pure industrial hemp flower buds from an online site and farm based in Oregon. HOLY CRAP, this stuff tastes, smells and smokes exactly like high grade skunk weed pot! You absolutely could sell it to potheads who would have no idea it was hemp until they figured out the buzz lasts only 2 minutes. I had not savored that mouth watering flavor in over 30 years. But it is totally legal in all 50 states, having a very low THC content but 17% pure CDB oil by weight. It is sold by the gram, only the lower potency clippings are sold by the ounce or pound. It was shipped in neatly sealed foil lined pouches fast in US mail. I am not shilling for them, try any brand of hemp you find. I found it harsh on the throat from a pipe so I tried eating it, long lasting effect when breaking up a pea sized chunk of a bud into my food twice a day. It completely stops my neuropathy but makes it hard to fall asleep if taken too close to bed time, that's probably just me, a light sleeper.

  2. 28 wow i just tried it 2000 milli x2 dropper sticks or 26 some odd drops.i like not feeling stoned or buzzed from it at all. it was from the UK 27$ 5$ shipping hemp seed oil base tastes great. i want to order more from this family business before they run out but i keep saying wait a week. i felt some clearness right away and not blocked if that makes sense, my gums went pinker i left it in my mouth for couple minutes before swallowing, my tongue well i have more strength and control with it? I'm going to put a drop on some dry skin areas to see what it does.

  3. You have a really good YouTube personality and I enjoy ur videos. I’m trying to do as much research as I can before I buy some cbd oil. I’m hearing it’s hit or miss when buying online or health store and that dispensaries are the only 100% reliable source where u know for a fact u are getting cbd and that it’s the correct milligram as advertised. Full spectrum cbd is supposed to be better than cbd isolate. Are u still taking cbd ?

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