First time smoking HEMP WORLDWIDE cbd flower

Welcome back to the video!! (18+) This video is intended for adults 18+ or 21+ depending on where you are living. Thanks 4 stopping by CHEERS FOLLOW …


  1. smoking cbd is not even bad for ur heart or lung s u can never die from it no matter if u were smoking cbd since 10 yrs old untill ur 70 yrs old u will be fine but yall under age pple don t smoke i was just using that as an example thats all

  2. Definitely prefer cbd over thc as I can enjoy a long smoke session with a whole joint/blunt to myself yet still be social and active. Thc gets me too high to talk and can sometimes spiral me into a sweaty paranoid spun out state melted to the couch and puking lol

    Cbd still gives me a slight buzz high no doubt. The look, smell, and taste is exactly like thc flowers but without the soul throbbing rush of a slow death lol

    Plus, it’s way cheaper too. I can get an oz of high quality cbd flowers for $60-90 online retail. Need I say more?

  3. Im done with cigarettes , not with life and enjoying my dinner. Please inspire the people with the harm that cbd could do without full extension of its growing meaning with thc which has ,creative escape properties , and its mentally building properties. My names donte sanders I'm just 22 year old and im definitely wanting to go that route g. Cigarette and swishers are killing us …if not the money or cost of what you pay for. I'm in Houston texas , social media isn't helping us either. 10 dollars is a lot. We must be full filled were "cropless".

  4. Didn't describe the experience in any detail.. literally just smoked and repeated the same shit.. what's the flavor or aroma like.. Is it harsh smoke or smooth.. He described nothing..

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