1. Glad I came across your video. I am kind of new to growing & am actually proud of myself lol. They look pretty good. Still getting familiar with terminology & what is what, but I am really wanting to learn about topping or femming my plants. A friend showed me how to top one a few years back so it's hard for me to really remember the exact details. I am also afraid I will do it wrong, too soon or too late. If I don't do either will it make a difference on how many buds it will produce? There is much more I need and want to learn. So hopefully your that guy that can help! I do know I should probably be careful & separate them at some point. I heard if u keep a female and male plant close to one another it is bad…is that true? Also…I think I understand what nodes mean…so if I already have a plant that is 5 levels of nodes is it okay to top, fem or whatever it is called?

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