Feeding My Cannabis Seedlings – REMO Nutrients Unbox / Autoflowering AND Photoperiod Marijuana

My homegrown marijuana is ready for its first nutrients. For this grow I’ll be using REMO brand Nutrients for both autoflower and photoperiod tents. I purchased …


  1. Hi Troy! New to your channel. (first time caller, remember that on talk radio)!!!
    Just want to tell you with Remo Nutrients, you are in the Rolls Royce of Cannabis nutrients. I personally tested 22 different companies over the last 41 years, with side by side of the best I could find or heard about. From the cheapest ones, to the most expensive ones and Remo always came ahead. (in the past few years since they came out). Remo use to be an AN spoke person on his UrbanGrower channel. I spent over 20K on nutes tests only. (not the actual grows).
    – Best tip ever, don't buy cheap equipment like your PH pens. I know the Bluelab and Hanna are 125$/175$, but messing a crop is way more expensive. Like I always say, I can't afford cheap stuff! What I do is I keep a cheap pen just to make sure my quality pens are within 0.2 difference. As for PPM same thing within 50 PPM. When I see something is off, I calibrate them. If all is good, I still calibrate them every 14 days no matter what.
    – Another tip that most feed to waste growers overlook: Check your runoff too. That will tell you if they are eating/hungry or if they are full. Also if your PH rises or lowers for no apparent reason, you can adjust your next feed. Ex: If I feed them 800 PPM at PH 5.8 and the runoff is 600 PPM and PH 6.2, my next feed would be 850 at PH 5.7. This way I know they are hungry and my coco's PH is a tad too high so I compensate.
    Sorry for the long post but, you just bought the best in my opinion, at a very affordable price. Good luck with your grow and PM me if you need advice on just about any fuc% ups! Been there done that ! Cheers my new friend and always be good to each other!

  2. Hey man, just a quick tip i thought may help ya.. No need to always follow the feed chart down to a t.. Instead i would follow ec readings after mixing the batch – this would be beneficial to you (saving money on nutrients as youre probably not gonna be using as much) and also beneficial to the plants to ensure you dont end up over fertilizing – especially with your autos. Personally i would be halfing the dosage, maybe even less for your seedlings.

    Would personally be aiming for a ppm of around 400 – 800 max at this stage and slowly increase as the plant grows and requires more food.

    Always better to underfeed than overfeed as its much easier to correct and will also help prevent salt buildups in the medium.

    All the best!

  3. good afternoon troy, or at least its afternoon for me 🙂
    its been some time since your budged vapes video, and i was wondering whats your current top recommended budget vapes for around 70-150$ for a person who wants to preserve and get the most value out of the weed im buying in a portable way. thanks in advance!

    edit: also, as always, great video. love your content. keep it up

  4. Man, you need to shake or stir each time you add a nute, you will lock out your notes before they even make it to the pot. You need to add then stir, add then stir, etc. The nutes can bind to one another if you don’t mix each one in. Cheers Troy.

  5. Cool to see you using Remo nutrients. His garden looks insane. Hope you will be on Marijuana Monday in the future and share some Dry herb culture. Good luck with your grow!

  6. Bro, I love your content. I just wish your so called friends were as cool as you are lol. Well, I don't know if they are, they just say they are. But they constantly try to stir up drama, so I was like, wait, what? No way could someone like that be friends with such an amazing person. But its w.e. All I know is you are an amazing human being, and I wish more people in the world were like you 🙂 🙂

  7. Hey Troy! Eager to hear how your autos are doing. I commented on a previous video, both of our Growers Choice Tangerine Dream seedlings cotyledons got stuck! Just wanted to let you know to be a bit gentle with the nutes on autos, they prefer half strength to photos. Also, I’m in week 3 and 4 of veg for my Sour Kush and Tangerine Dream and both have minor calcium deficiencies so maybe keep that in mind for when yours get around my age. Luckily for someone like you who does hydroponics it’s quicker to fix that kind of issue but for me it’s just topdress with dolomite lime, water, and pray.

  8. Hey Troy, have you ever heard of CHS? I thought it may be something you could talk about since your channel is cannabis focused. It’s not well known but it’s a very real issue and needs attention drawn to it. This isn’t me saying weed is bad, because it’s not, but I think it’s something that gets dismissed in the weed community because “weed can’t be bad or hurt you it has no side effects”. If you don’t talk about it, still something you’d should be aware of as a daily user.

  9. Hey tito Troy. Im not a grower or plant expert by any means. But…

    in chemistry lab, we would try not to dip the pipet into the target solution (your water jug) to not bring contaminates from the solution back into the pure reagent (your nutrient jugs).
    also, ideally, you would want to use a different pipet for each reagent (nutrient) to keep your nutrients pure. we never want to introduce things back into our source chemicals.

    it's probably non-consequential but just something to be mindful of to try and keep your nutrient jugs as pure as can be.

  10. first i'm glad to see you use nutrients that are made for growing cannabis even if it is 50/50 synthetic/organic.

    your nutrients solution should not exceeded 6.5 in soil and coco (and not 7 like you said in your video), over that some nutrients will not be absorbed by your plants. i'll tell you even more: knowing that coco has a neutral ph (7) you should ph your nutrients solution to 5.8 to 6.

    the little shake that you made after putting all the nutrients into the water you probably should do it after adding each every one product just to make sure that the nutrients is really mixed with water. (that is just an advice)

    finally thank you showing so deeply into the way your mixing your nutrients solution and water your plants because it is not often that growers show us how they water and mixing their nutrients but also because it was really funny when you've spilled everything. (without malice on my part of course) it is going a very fucking nice grow to follow.

    ho by the way the way you feed you little cannabis sprouts is ok but you just use too much nutrients solution for now because your little cannabis sprouts don't need to be all saoked just like you did. you just pretty much waste your nutrients solution. just feed them about for 5 seconds around the these sprouts and it will be ok for the moment, more they grow more they will need nutrients (just like you know).

    this is going to be a fucking nice grow serie.

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